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About us

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We provide the full scale of dental services in our dental centre. Our professional dentists do their best to provide you high-quality, painless solutions for your dental problems in a modern environment.


The most common dental problems:


If you have a toothache, you need help as soon as possible to eliminate pain. Call our office on +36 30/8500-933 for a fast solution!

Sensitive tooth (hot, cold, sweet or sour)

Warning signs is a result of our external stimulus will suddenly feel pain that does not go away within a short period of time. The sensitivity can be several underlying reasons for termination of the following options are available: fillings, root canal treatment or deposits.

Missing tooth

Many people think that the back teeth replacement is not important, because the missing teeth are only aesthetic significance - this is a mistake, the loss of teeth can cause serious health problems. The prosthesis there is more humane solution is to make dental implants or dentures.

Bleeding, inflamed gums 

More often than not dealing with a regular bleeding gums, and in the background there are problems may lie, which can lead to tooth loss. It is as soon as possible to find out what is causing your gums bleed! The test function of the gums or dentalhigiéniai treatment may be necessary. 

Moving tooth

Do you feel your teeth are loose? You may also become sensitive? In most cases, the problem of the formation of calculus and gingivitis caused by moving the teeth or periodontal treatment of the tooth removal and fogbeültetéssel be successfully treated. 

Aesthetics: whitening, tartar removal, orthodontics

Ever felt uncomfortable fact that the teeth do not look great? The road to perfect smile is now available for everyone. Shells with direct metal-free crowns, veneers or even megszépülhet smile in a week.